Monday, September 29, 2014

Quick and Easy Guide to Finding Pumpkin Patches across New England

Depending on the weather (and if you carve them) it's true that some may not make it all the way to Halloween. That's okay though, because  now you just have an excuse to go pick more pumpkins! Count us in!
It's pumpkin time! 

We put pumpkins everywhere--one on every doorstep, a centerpiece on the coffee table, next to the computer monitor, a sweet gourd on the kitchen sink windowsill to remind us to savor the moment...and the season. 

Nothing puts a smile on our face like a fat orange pumpkin so we are very happy to start picking out our pumpkins as soon as we can!

Remember, when you use this guide and purchase your pumpkins from the farms on our lists, you are supporting local food producers, small farms, contributing to the local economy, and reducing the carbon footprint--one pumpkin at a time. 

New England Fall Events has created guides for Pumpkin Patches
and PYO Pumpkins for every New England state. 

Click on your state for a quick link to your guide:

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